A Selection of Past Projects

Since the choir began in 2000, Andy Whitfield, our Music Director, has created many original choral works and novel arrangements of traditional and modern classics for the choir.


Verse & Voice
A selection of poems put to music and accompanied by film. Includes an epic rendition of The Pied Piper of Hamlin by Robert Browning.


Charlie the Cello
An Arts Council-funded collaborative venture with local schools and other community groups. Click the image above to view a video of the production.


A musical telling of the tale of the 'surprisingly hairless' primitive, vine-swinging male and his first encounters with Jane, performed with clips from the 1932 film classic.


Emergency Songs
Eight songs providing essential public information like how to have a baby in a car, how to land a plane, what to do when attacked by a crocodile and how to solve the banking crisis.


Frankenstein Sings
A narrative of the Mary Shelley story, performed alongside clips from the classic 1931 James Whale film. This creation was given life in 2010.


The Spectrum
An exploration of the world of Autism – created in 2007 by working with students from Beaumont College, a local FE college for special-needs students.


For Every Child
An oratorio based on the UN charter of Children’s Rights – inspired by an orphanage in Madagascar – first performed with the Lancaster Singers in 2004.


The Lone Ranger
Performed with back-projections of scenes from the TV series and the audience divided into Cowboys and Indians, complete with masks and feathers!

Listen to Extracts of Past Projects

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The Millennium Choir is a community choir in Lancaster UK, ​which loves to perform music that challenges or surprises.

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