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Musical Director: Ewan Anderson

Chair: Mike Wright
Vice-Chair: Vicky Harper
Treasurer: Alison Johnstone (Deputy: Helen Speakman)
Secretary: Maggie Lackey (Deputy: Andrew Sayer)

MD Recruitment & Liaison: Julia Harris
Membership: Jonathan Hirst, Mary Osmaston

Music Librarian: Mary Osmaston (Deputy: Andrew Sayer)

Communications, Events & Publicity: Helen Cullen-Williams, Alex Dickson, Sarah Cullimore, Sue Beardon, Trixi Schirok-Huggett, Elaine Weedy
Sales and Promotions at Events:
Sunita Abraham, Sally Pidd, Janet Mechie

Performance Coaches: Roberta Kerr, Diana Holland, Vicky Harper
Equipment Coordinators: Vicky Harper, Mike Wright, Elaine Weedy
Safeguarding:​ Christine Hall-Farthing

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