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Upcoming Events

Saturday 23 March 2024
The Priory, Lancaster


Pay what you can.

£10 suggested.

Liminal Space Poster.png

From the Liminal Space
"A Choral Tapestry"

Liminal, adj.
Characterised by being on a boundary or threshold, esp. by being transitional or intermediate between two states, situations, etc.

Oxford English Dictionary

Life sometimes encourages us to draw a line under what has gone before and to do something different. Or, at the very least, to do some things differently.

We may resist the message and attempt to "push through." But sometimes we find ourselves in a Liminal Space; accepting the need for change but feeling the need to stop, reflect, question and reassess before deciding how to proceed.

Several things seem to work differently in Liminal Spaces. A minute may feel like an hour. Or vice-versa. A change of light or perspective may help us assess anew something we considered familiar.

From The Liminal Space is a choral piece lasting about an hour. It's an exploration of how making a few small changes can yield significantly different results.

The piece is in 6 Parts. Each Part uses different tonal centres, musical modes and thematic material. Within each Part a few simple musical ideas are sung, repeated, varied, developed and combined. Those processes take place in different ways in different Parts.

There are no stories being told. There is no narrative structure or political point being made. There is simply some music playing and some people singing. Sometimes using real words, sometimes random syllables.

In an increasingly complex world we'd like to think that maybe, for both performers and listeners, there is still some value in that. We'd very much like you to join us and decide for yourself.

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